Causes and How to Naturally Treat Gout (Uric Acid) - Foods That Cause Gout

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Causes and how to naturally treat gout (uric acid). Foods that cause gout. Types of foods that cause gout (uric acid). Gout (uric acid) can cause disturbing pain to the swelling of the joints. This one disease began to get attention.
Causes and How to Naturally Treat Gout (Uric Acid) - Foods That Cause Gout
Because, gout (uric acid) does not only attack the elderly, but also young people.

Gout (uric acid) is caused by consumption of foods with high content of purine. When Purine is digested, the body will produce gout (uric acid) as a waste product.

Purines are found in a number of foods, such as certain types of meats, sardines, nuts, and alcoholic beverages.

Normally, your body filters gout (uric acid) through the kidneys and urine.

If you consume too much purin and the body cannot afford to dispose of this waste product quickly, gout (uric acid) will accumulate in the blood. The result is pain in the joints.

Beyond that, the high levels of gout (uric acid) in the body are also caused by genetic factors, obesity, and stress.

If not handled properly, gout (uric acid) may lead to some chronic diseases such as kidney disorders, diabetes, and some cancers.

Generally, medically will prescribe a medication that is consumed by the gout (uric acid) owner. However, in fact you can also overcome gout (uric acid) without having to rely on medications.

"You have to drink plenty of mineral water to remove gout (uric acid) from the body. In addition, consumption of fruits and vegetables, "said nutritionist, Dr Anju Sood, citing NDTV.

Here are some ways to overcome gout (uric acid) naturally compiled from various sources.

1. Diligent Drink lemon water
Herbal medicine expert Dr. B. N Sinha suggests drinking lemon water at least twice a day. Lemon is known to contain citric acid which is able to repel gout from the body.

In addition, the word Sinha, you also need to consume vitamin C like the one in the guava and oranges.

2. Consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants
A study initiated by the University of Maryland showed that patients with gout (uric acid) should consume a lot of fruit with a high antioxidant content.

Give an example of the antioxidant-rich fruits. Give it a dark color containing flavonoids called anthocyanins. The latter name is capable of overcoming inflammation and keram.

In addition, vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers are also able to balance the levels of gout (uric acid) in the body.

3. Foods rich in fiber
The same research recommends gout (uric acid) owners to consume a lot of fiber-rich foods. Mentioned, fiber-rich foods are able to absorb excess gout (uric acid) and eliminate it from the body.

A number of foods such as oats and bananas are referred to as fiber sources that have many benefits to the body.

4. Avoid additional sugars in processed foods
Generally, gout (uric acid) is caused by excess protein content. However, a number of studies appoint sugar as one of the potential content that increases gout (uric acid).

Citing Healthline, researchers found that additional types of sugar in processed foods can cause high levels of gout (uric acid).

To solve this, you can check the food label. Notice how much additional sugar is used.

5. Drink mineral water
Drinking plenty of mineral water can help the kidneys to eliminate gout (uric acid) from the body faster.

By drinking mineral water at least eight glasses per day, unused substances in the body will be transported out. Some scholars also believe that drinking mineral water helps to smooth disposal of gout (uric acid) that accumulate in the body.

6. Avoid alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages can cause dehydration. In addition, this type of beverage can also increase the levels of gout (uric acid) in the body.

It happens because the kidneys have to work hard to filter out the ' waste ' produced in the blood.

7. Controlling weight
As mentioned above, obesity or overweight becomes one of the causes of high gout (uric acid) levels.

You can choose the source of complex carbohydrates in the diet menu. Consume more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain.

8. Reduce stress
Stress, poor sleep quality, and less exercise causes inflammation that can increase the levels of gout (uric acid) in the body.

Yoga activity is called to cope with the stress that often chastens.

In addition, you can also do a workout routine for at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise can train joints, so as to prevent pain caused gout (uric acid).

Types of foods that cause gout (uric acid)
Causes and How to Naturally Treat Gout
Gout (uric acid) is a joint pain because gout (uric acid) in the blood has accumulated around the joints and form the crystals.

There is no definite dietary cause of gout (uric acid), but if your gout (uric acid) levels are high, you should avoid some of the following types of foods.

In the body there is a substance called purine. This substance is naturally formed. In addition, purines can also be found in some foods.

When it comes to splitting purines, the body produces gout (uric acid) to do so.

The more purines that have to be divided, the more the levels of gout (uric acid) produced by the body.

Some types of food that need to be restricted, even avoided to prevent levels of gout (uric acid) rise, among others:

• Sea Fish
Although there are various benefits of marine fish, but you should avoid the consumption of sea fish if your gout (uric acid) levels are high. Examples are sardines and anchovy.

Avoid also seafood dishes like shellfish. For, the fishes that are mentioned contain high purines.

If you want to eat fish, choose salmon, with a purine rate not as high as sea fish or other seafood such as shrimp, crab, lobster, and oysters. However, it still restricts its portions to be consumed excessively.

• Red meat
Red meat such as beef and lamb, classified as the food causes high gout (uric acid) because it contains high purines.

In order to keep the protein needed and stay protected from excessive gout (uric acid) levels, choose white meat such as chicken meat. Or can replace it with vegetable protein sources, such as soy from Tempe and tofu.

• Turkey and goose meat
Turkey and goose meat does include the most delicious meat ever. However, if the gout (uric acid) levels in your blood are relatively high, it is advisable to avoid consuming these two meats. Therefore, the purin levels of both meats are higher than other white meat.

• Organ Meats
Innards include foods that cause high gout (uric acid) that really should be avoided, especially if your gout (uric acid) levels are already above normal, because the liver, brain, kidneys, or other animal offal contains very high purines.

• Sweet Drinks
You love to consume sweet drinks such as soda, fruit flavored drinks, or bottled drinks? This drink with sweetness can increase the level of gout (uric acid) in the blood.

The sweet taste of fructose sugar stimulates the production of more gout (uric acid). Fructose can also be found naturally on berries such as apples, pears, grapes and dates.

Research proves, men who consume fructose in a lot of higher risk of being exposed to gout (uric acid). It also applies to women who often consume sweet drinks.

• Dairy Products
Beware of food from dairy products, such as ice cream, milk, cheese, or yogurt. Research shows, food from dairy products can increase gout (uric acid) levels.

If you still want to consume it, choose dairy processed products of a low fat type. Better yet if you choose a completely fat-free one.

• Green vegetables
No need to be surprised when advised to avoid consumption of green vegetables.

Because some types of green vegetables such as spinach, peas, and asparagus contain high purines. Other vegetables that are also high purin are cauliflower and mushrooms.

Nevertheless, this vegetable does not increase the level of gout (uric acid) in the blood is severe if you consume red meat.

So, occasionally you can still consume these vegetables in a limited portion.

We recommend that you recognize foods types of high gout (uric acid), as many are found around us.

Then, for patients with gout (uric acid), restrict and even avoid the food.

If the complaint due to high gout (uric acid) level is still disturbing, consult a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

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