How to Quickly Cope With Migraine Headaches

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How to Quickly Cope With Migraine Headaches. Migraine often makes a lot of disturbing activity. The pain in one part of the head made many people complain of migraines. Before taking the drug, it's a good idea to cope with migraines in a natural and easy way.
How to Quickly Cope With Migraine Headaches
Have you ever felt migraines? It feels extremely sick than a regular headache, isn't it? One in five women and one in 15 men reportedly often had migraines. Migraine even starts to be felt from childhood, Lho! Apparently, there are many things that could trigger a migraine attack. Knowing the various causes of migraine can help you control this disease.

What is a migraine headache?
Migraine is a headache arising from the change of activity in the brain. This change caused the onset of pain in the head with a very painful pulsating sensation. Often times migraines are also followed by:
  • Increased body sensitivity to light, sound, and smell.
  • Pain that can last a few hours to days.
  • Some other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, pain behind one eye or ear, loss of temporary vision, and only occurring on one side of the head.
  • Aura symptoms. Aura is a sensation that you will usually feel before or while you experience migraine. The Aura itself usually occurs for 10 to 30 minutes. The conditions that will occur during the Aura are vision problems (such as seeing bright lights, lines, or "stars"), feeling tingling on the neck, face, or hands. In addition, the sufferer may have difficulty speaking or other basic abilities (such as writing or reading).
Migraine differs from the headache
Migraine is a recurrent headache that is followed by pain that is usually severe and often is helpless. Intense pulsed pain or extreme pain such as being smitten by hard objects. Migraine does occur frequently on one side of the head. However, this condition is classified as a derivative neurological disorder due to lower resistance to the stimulation of migraine causes.

While a headache next to it, a.k.a. cluster headache is a type of headache that is characterized by sudden pain that appears behind the eyes or area around the eye but only on one side of the head. The pain can last for at least 15 minutes to three hours. Unlike migraine, the headache next to the side is not a derivative nerve disorder.

The most common causes of migraine
By knowing the various causes of migraine, you will also be easier to do prevention in order not to be exposed to migraine attacks. Here are some things that could be the cause of migraine:

1. Genetic factors
Cope With Migraine Headaches
Nowadays researchers have been able to determine that the swollen blood vessels are one of the many chains of causation of migraine attacks, but this is not the main cause. What they know for sure, migraines are derivative neurological disorders.

Reported from How Stuff Works, if one of your parent's parties has a history of migraine attacks, you have a 50 percent chance of having the same condition, if both of your parents have this history, your chances are increased by 70 percent.

2. Certain foods and beverages
Quickly solve migraines
Consuming foods and beverages that contain certain content such as MSG and caffeine are believed to be the cause of migraine. Both MSG and caffeine can both affect the central nervous system and blood vessels in the brain. As a result, blood vessels in the brain become narrowed and contracted.

Other foods such as cheese and chocolate can also be a migraine trigger. Chocolate has some substances that are suspected to cause migraines such as phenylethylamine, flavonoids, and train. Unlike the other two substances, levels are an important migraine trigger substance as it can cause brain hormone changes and affect blood flow.

Just like chocolate, cheese is a food ingredient that has a train. Consequently, these foods may potentially trigger migraine occurrence in someone who is sensitive to levels or tends to undergo changes in the bloodstream.

3. Menstruation
Quickly solve migraines
Changes in Estrogen hormones approaching or after the menstrual cycle are believed to be the cause of a woman's migraine. It is supported by a research result that reports that 62 percent of participants experienced migraine after their menstrual cycle was completed. Some literature even adds that the cause of migraine due to changes in estrogen hormones may also be experienced by women after the menopause.

4. Weather changes and strong aroma
Causes of migraine Headaches
Weather changes and pungent aromas can be the cause of migraines. A study of some Brazilian teenagers reveals changing weather between blistering, hot, cloudy, or sudden cold can trigger a migraine attack. The research participants also reported that strange or stinging aromas may also cause recurrent migraines. Perfume, a keen aroma of the food such as Duren, and cigarette smoke are one of the most common examples of migraine causes.

5. Stress relief
Causes of migraine Headaches
An unexpected increase or decrease in an emotional condition may trigger a migraine. When stressed, a person's brain will release chemical compounds that cause some changes to the body and brain, such as muscle tension and blood vessel dilation.

Uniquely, stress can occur both in happy and annoying moments. In some cases, even new migraines are felt after the moment of stress has passed or been completed, or when you have entered a period of relaxation.

Reported by Genius Beauty, this is a natural way that you can use to relieve migraines:

Enjoying foods or beverages containing caffeine can dampen pain from a migraine. That's why caffeine is often included as a medicinal ingredient. But you have to be careful because you could have experienced a dependency by continuing to drink coffee whenever migraine relapses so that past the dose of drinking coffee daily.

Massage your Temples
This is a natural way that has been used for a long time. This massage is a natural way to relieve pain around the head and make the body feel comfortable.

Massage or kiss Aroma oil Scratch
Use a masseuse or scrub oil in the temples, then rub. You can also apply around the neck that feels stiff. The Aroma of oil and warmth can make the body feel comfortable and relieve pain.

Let the cold head and body warm
With this condition, blood will flow faster on the head. You can do this condition by soaking in warm water or lying down by covering the body with a cozy warm blanket.

In a dark room
Resting in a dark room can reduce the pain you are experiencing. Rays that are too bright or glare will make headaches increasingly becoming. So try to be in the shade or dark.

Salty Food
If you start to feel a migraine attack, take food with a salty flavor, e.g. salty chips. Enjoying salty foods can stop migraine attacks from getting worse.

Head to compress with ice
Compressing the head with ice wrapped in plastic bags or cold water can relieve migraine. Lie down with a comfortable position and rub the ice compress in the sick part.

When heading home and find the head feeling heavy and giddy, you can take a bath by the body or under the shower. Aim the shower on the nape and shoulder to the neck. To make it feel more comfortable, you can use warm water. If you use your style, prepare a bucket of warm water that has been mixed with a pinch of salt and lemongrass that has been spread. The combination of natural materials will make the body more relaxed and easier to sleep. Often headaches due to a tired body and tense muscles.

Sleeping or lying down
Sleep is one way of regenerating or ' reparation ' of the body from the inside. Sleep can make the body fresher and reduce body fatigue. It would be better if you sleep with minimal light or not in a bright area. If you don't get to sleep, take time to lie down, close your eyes and make your body calm until the headache is reduced.

Drink warm water or fruit juices
Enjoying a glass of warm drink can relieve stiff muscles and make the body quieter and relaxed. If your headache is mild, try consuming a warm drink. You can choose warm ginger, warm lemon tea, or fruit juice without ice. It is also good to warm up the body when cold air or rainy season.

Neck compress
If the neck is stiff, the head feels bad and dizziness, then the neck-bending section with a warm towel. You can also compress the shoulder to the neck. If there is no warm towel, you can substitute it with the oil that gives it a warm or a balm.

Special Point Massage
To relieve tension on the neck and smooth the blood flow to the head, massage gently part two spots neck nape, just below the skull. You can also have a massage on the hill area between your thumb and index. Lightly press and gently massage.

These can be done if you experience mild headaches and suppress the side effects of the drug.

Apart from the above way, you can do as below:
1. Acupressure
Acupressure is an alternative treatment practice by pressing certain body points with a finger to relieve pain.

According to a study in 2014, acupressure is effective at overcoming chronic headaches. Other separate studies also say that acupressure can help relieve migraine accompanying symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting.

2. Apply Mint leaf oil on forehead and temples
The menthol in mint leaf oil can relieve recurrent migraine symptoms. According to a 2010 study from the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in Iran, applying mint oil that is spreadable to the forehead and temples is more effective in alleviating pain and nausea due to migraine than using a placebo migraine drug (a blank drug Without any substance content).

3. Inhaling Lavender Aroma
Based on research published in the journal European Neurology in the year 2012 ago, it is known under the inhalation of essential oil aroma lavender could relieve migraine headaches especially triggered by stress. The study stated that people who inhaled the aroma of lavender oil when the migration was relapse can heal faster than those using empty drugs (placebo).

Not only that, but lavender oil is also commonly used to relieve stress, help sleep well, and overcome anxiety and depression symptoms. Lavender oil can be used by inhalation or by spreadable to the skin.

4. Drink warm ginger
Ginger is a natural spice that is widely used as an alternative medicine of various conditions, one of which is a migraine. According to research from Zanjan University Of Medical Sciences, drinking tea of ginger powder and taking migraine drug sumatriptan afterward can quickly relieve the symptoms of migraine.

5. Do yoga Routine
Yoga is a natural migraine remedy that is rarely known to the crowd. The yoga movements involving breath setting, meditation, and exactness of the posture can improve your mental and physical health.

Some research shows that yoga can reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of migraine symptoms. Yoga is also reported to reduce anxiety and tension in the area of the head that is infected with migraine.

So far there has been no medical research that could really prove yoga is able to cure migraines. Nevertheless, the benefits of yoga for overall body health are no doubt.

6. Pay attention to your food intake
Deficiency of magnesium substance can trigger headaches and migraine relapse. Research shows that taking a magnesium oxide supplement can help prevent the migraine from appearing with the aura. Drinking supplements that contain magnesium may also prevent migraines that are triggered by menstrual pain a.k.a. PMS.

Nevertheless, you can also get a natural source of magnesium from the foods you consume daily. There are many sources of magnesium food that you can consume, namely:
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, and Sawi
  • Nuts
  • Soy Beans
  • Whole grain seeds
  • Several types of fish, such as salmon
  • Milk and dairy products
Besides magnesium, you must also meet the intake of omega-3 acids. Because some headaches cause migraine may be caused by inflammation. Well, foods high in the healthy fat content of omega-3 acids have been known since long can reduce the effects of inflammation in the body. Indirectly this one healthy fat can also be your natural migraine remedy.

It is also evidenced in a study of migraines published in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research. In the study, it was discovered that people who seldom eat omega-3 fats, the migration is more often relapse than those who routinely eat food sources omega-3.

Healthy fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel, as well as eggs, olive oil, avocado, spinach, almond and walnuts, and soy are examples of the high food sources of omega-3 which could be natural migraine remedies.

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