How to Prevent and Cope with Fever in Children

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How to prevent and cope with Fever in children. Fever is one condition that is often experienced by children. In children, fever is usually not a serious problem. Fever is a sign that the body is trying to fight off the infection that would like to attack the children. Not all fevers need to be treated to the doctor, sometimes you can overcome the child's fever with home-based treatment course. However, a high fever to make children uncomfortable and can cause severe dehydration in children.
How to prevent and cope with Fever in children
Anything that can be done to overcome the child's fever?
A child allegedly was having a fever if the body temperature to reach 37 ° C or more. The child's body temperature usually fluctuating fever, while lower in the morning and higher in the evening. Sometimes, even the child to shiver in the night because the body temperature begins to rise. This makes the child can't sleep soundly at night. This is usually to make mothers worry.

Relax, while children are fever, You as a parent can take the first action as an attempt to bring down a fever. This you can do at home before you decide to take her to the doctor. Some of the fever can be cured only with home care, there is no need to take him to the doctor.

How to prevent and cope with Fever in children

The following are things you can do at home:
1. Compress with warm water
Compresses an unused child with warm water may be a way that is often done for parents can help lower fever. This is a way that already practiced from generation to generation. Actually, this way only can lower fever, even while children may not at all be able to lower fevers in some children. Some children may also be uncomfortable with a compress on his forehead. However, this way You can still do as an attempt to bring down a fever.

2. A warm bath
Although children are fever, the child should keep the bath or just on the washcloth. A warm bath (29,4-32.2 ° C) can be considered to help cope with the child's fever. Warm water on a child's skin when bathing will help cool the body and make the child a little decreased body temperature (1-2 ° C for 30-45 minutes). If you use cold water for bathing children, thus it can make children shiver and make the child's body temperature rises to tolerate the perceived coldness of children.

3. help your child's body heat quickly out
This can be done by applying to child clothing that covered his whole body. Not having to wear thick clothes, enough to outfit a rather thin but closed, and blanketed children. Clothes that are too thick can thus prevent child out body heat so that the child's fever could be higher. The thinner clothing can help heat from the body out more easily.

Aside from the clothes, You can also help pull out children with body heat to make the room temperature of the child as comfortable as possible for the child, so that the child is not freezing or overheating. Let your children get sufficient rest periods to be able to restore the condition of his body back, but this need not be done in a way a day in bed.

4. Drink lots of water
No need to jump a lot in a single drink, a little but more often is better done. This way it can help the body to more quickly eject there is heat in the body. Drinking water can also prevent children from dehydration (lack of fluid in the body) because of a fever cause children to lose a lot of fluid than usual. In addition to drinking water, children can also get liquid from food or drink, such as soup, ice cream, and so forth. In addition to preventing dehydration, ice cream or other cold drinks are also able to help cool the child's body from the inside, thus helping resolve the child's fever.

In order to lose fluids in children did not increase severe, we recommend that you avoid the child from drinks that contain caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks. This drink can make a child more frequent urination.

5. Eat a lot
Intake of nutrients the body needs more time fever. So, a lot of intakes can help fever children heal faster. The higher a child's fever, then the greater the necessity of child nutrition.

Let the children eat a variety of foods that she liked. The bottom line, so that children have the appetite to eat. Usually, the child's appetite diminished as he rushes in, and this is precisely that can slow down the healing of children. Offer children a variety of foods, but don't force a child if she didn't want to eat it. If he is hungry, for sure he will be looking for food.

6. Drink herbal tea
Drink herbal teas, such as ginger tea, chamomile, yarrow, elderflower, and lemon balm, herbal tea believed to overcome a fever a child and an adult. The drink is believed to give a calming effect and can also trigger the body to secrete sweat. This transpiration can then help lower body temperature when feverish. You can add honey as a sweetener if you want.

So is the article about how to prevent and cope with fever in children, also read the previous article about How To Prevent Intestinal Worms In Children.

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