How To Prevent Intestinal Worms In Children

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How To Prevent Intestinal Worms In Children. Many people still consider the disease intestinal worms as a trivial thing. In fact, the prevalence of diseases of the intestinal worms in Indonesia including high. Intestinal worms can happen to anyone. However, it is generally more vulnerable children suffered intestinal worms. If the children of intestinal worms, it will inhibit the growth and his intelligence. Then, how can I prevent it? The answer is in this article.
How To Prevent Intestinal Worms In Children
Causes of intestinal worms in children
Children are said to be affected by intestinal worms when in her stool was found worms or their eggs that already proliferate and take nutritional food in the gut. There are many types of worms that can live in the human intestine, including roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, pinworms and.

Generally, the worms are easily contracted in children through unhygienic food, wanton CHAPTER, and a result of direct contact with objects or the ground soiled are already infected with the worm eggs. Children who are healthy look could have been exposed to intestinal worms. Hence, it is important to implement the behavior of a healthy life.

After successfully penetrating the skin of, worms then enter into a blood vessel (vein) to organs in the human body. The worm also often breed and colonize in the gut. There, the worm will take up nutrients and biting a human intestinal wall. This will make someone exposed to the infection of intestinal worms, result in nutritional deficiencies.

Symptoms of intestinal worms, child

Symptoms of intestinal worms are most often is severely malnourished, often feel fatigued, anemia, frequent abdominal pain, hard to concentrate, and often feel itching around the anus when the evening. This happens because the worms are spawn and produce larvae that are issued through the anus, so that section often feels itchy.

Initially, the symptoms of intestinal worms do look common, so often taken lightly. Whereas, if not immediately addressed will interfere with child development. In fact, there are children who needed surgery due to his intestines of worms in his stomach already clogging up the digestive channel.

Well, if the worm is already clogging the intestines, the stomach then the sufferer will be protruding. If it only keeps going to happen that made inflammatory bowel disease intestinal rupture even to cause death.

How to prevent children of intestinal worms

To prevent unwanted things as already described above, as good as your parents always keep the environment clean and monitor each activity. Here are some ways that you can do to prevent children of intestinal worms:

1. Maintain the cleanliness and environment
Hygiene is most important to prevent the spread of the worm eggs can cause a child's intestinal worms. Steps to maintain the cleanliness of this can be done by:

Start to keep clean the little legs and arms. How to teach for routine hand-washing and leg before and after activities by using SOAP.

Regular cut nails because the eggs of worms like to be part of this.
Make it a habit to maintain cleanliness after water waste by cleaning the penis and/or the rectum properly and wash hands with SOAP

Avoid the little one doing a nail-biting habit that could make some germs, bacteria or worm eggs can enter the mouth.

2. Cooking correctly
Make sure you cook the ingredients until done. If your child will be eating raw fruits and vegetables, make sure you wash it off to clean. Worms eggs can be contaminated soil. If your child will be eating raw meat, make sure that the meat is guaranteed free of worms.

3. Drink anthelmintic
If necessary, consult a doctor and seek any remedy intestinal worms that can already be given on the child age two upwards. Because at the age of two years old child can already consume anthelmintic because at the age of the child is on the move and start playing dirty-dirt. Later, the little one will probably react uncomfortably after consuming anthelmintic. But, the drug needs to be given to preventing worm infections over and over again. Consult with your doctor about the recommended anthelmintic.

Characteristics of Worms in Children Based on the Type of Worm

Intestinal worms are one of the major problems faced by children. But sometimes parents still consider underestimated these problems. In fact, if left to the protracted presence of worms in the body can inhibit the growth and development of the child. This is because the worms will permeate the sari-sari food that exists in the blood and the cells of the intestines. Read on to find out the characteristics of intestinal worms in children.

Why the little susceptible intestinal worms?
Children are indeed most vulnerable suffered from intestinal worms, because children sometimes ignore the problem of hygiene. Intestinal worms are usually occurred because of a lack of awareness to always maintain the cleanliness of the self or the environment. Worms usually get into the organs of the body through the gastrointestinal tract, skin, intestines, lungs, even muscle tone.
In addition to the main result in places that are already contaminated with eggs of the worm, the children are also vulnerable to experiencing intestinal worms from food and beverages that are not hygienic and not cooked in the right way – such as not fully ripe. That is why it is important for the mother to keep the food and environmental hygiene the little one.

What are the characteristics of intestinal worms in children?
Here are some characteristics of intestinal worms in children based on the type of worm that infected the body.

1. Pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis)
This type of worm the more often strikes children. This happens because the kids love to play dirty-dirt e.g. mainland.

After satisfied playing, usually without hand-washing kids take food directly. So that the worm eggs that stuck to the fingers of their hands will join goes into the mouth. Then eggs are the eggs hatch in the small intestine and into the colon. Inside the colon that attaches the pinworms and will take food. Then if adult pinworms females will head into the anus to remove the eggs. Then, this is the cause why many children are exposed to pinworms will experience itching around the anus.

The characteristics of affected children: pinworms
  • Continuous Itching around the anus
  • Difficulty sleeping due to the feeling the itch around the anus
  • Around the anus feels pain and irritation occurs
  • There are pinworms on a stool
2. Roundworms (Ascariasis lumbricoides)
Regular roundworms spread through food and drink that had previously been contaminated roundworms. But no special symptoms brought about this worm. We just found out after seeing worms coming out along with the feces. The way of life of roundworms in the intestine is by way of a parasite. Roundworms can also get into the lungs and cause a coughing child.

The characteristics of affected children: roundworms
  • Cough
  • abdominal pain • Nausea even to vomit
  • weight down
  • Looking worms in stool
  • Lethargy
3. Hookworms (Necator americanus and Ancylostoma duodenal)
Hookworms are usually attached to the intestines with their mouth and will suck the blood. Later, this worm enters through the skin of the feet and will infect the inside of the body, such as the lungs and heart of the pass through the bloodstream.

Not infrequently, these worms cause anemia in children, so that the resulting decrease in the resistance of the body and affect the intelligence of the child. This worm contamination also results in the child being hard-packed so it becomes poor nutrition because of all of the nutrients will be absorbed by the worm.

The characteristics of affected children hookworms:
  • abdominal pain lost the baby can make arise become very fussy
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Feve
  • Anemia (pallor)
  • No appetite
  • Itching in areas where larvae enter into the skin
  • Discovery of blood in the stool if his bowels suffered infections due to worms
4. The infection of tapeworms (Taenia sp.)
Generally, children who are infected with tapeworms do not feel any symptoms because symptoms posed difficult to detect. However, for children who suffer from intestinal infections due to a tapeworm, section head of tapeworms will stick to the wall of the intestine. While the body continues to grow in length and produce eggs in the intestine.

The characteristics of affected children tapeworms:
  • Nausea
  • abdominal pain
  • Appears weak and limp
  • Lost appetite
  • weight loss
  • If symptoms of tapeworm infection have spread in the body, then it is likely to cause damage to organs and tissues.
How how to prevent intestinal worms in children?
After knowing the characteristics of intestinal worms in children, here are some ways that you can do to prevent the little one suffered intestinal worms:
  • Instilling the habit of washing hands in the right way before eating or after activities
  • make sure your kids change their underwear every day
  • Wash bed linens, blankets, and the little dolls on a regular basis at least once a week
  • Encourage your child to play in dry areas and did not play in the muddy puddles
  • make sure Your meat and vegetables are thoroughly cooked before you present it to the little
  • Teach children to maintain cleanliness and hygiene nails the genital area
  • always keep clean the House, environment, even the little toy
  • If the little one brings up one of the symptoms mentioned above, it's good you consult a doctor so soon get appropriate action.
Thus health articles about children of intestinal worms, traits and ways of overcoming child intestinal worms. Don't forget to share with your colleagues in the other. Thank you

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