Type and Characteristics of the Disease Diabetes Part 1

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Diabetes is one of the most deadly diseases that cannot be cured. Man can only control blood sugar so that complaints of diabetes do not appear but it does not mean a lost complaint marks diabetes that is in his body was lost or recovered. Therefore, for those of you who have not been affected by diabetes be careful in maintaining health primarily diet and also the pattern of life.

Not a good diet and unhealthy life pattern can also cause a person can experience diabetes. Know your body well, the body when you feel uncomfortable compared to previous immediately checked me especially people who are in there who are having a family history of diabetes.

All Kinds Of Diabetes
During this may only find out if diabetes society just a trivial one, but who would have thought if there was some kind of diabetes. The following are various diabetes should know:
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1. Type 1 Diabetes
About 10 percent to 15 percent of diabetics with type one. It is because of one type of diabetes caused by pancreatic cells that have been damaged. A result is that pancreatic cells cannot produce insulin so that the insulin produced by the pancreas.

The more damage to the pancreas organ will make the pancreas that cannot produce insulin at all. This diabetes affects many children and adolescents so that diabetes is called diabetes in children or diabetes in children.

No wonder that nowadays many children and adolescent children who are still aged 30 years there have been many < affected by diabetes. And generally, the type of diabetes is type 1 was.

2. Type 2 Diabetes
With this type of diabetes is very different from one type of diabetes. Diabetes 2 is called with diabetes with insulin dependence. So without insulin diabetic people experiencing life, it would have bothered even that person will feel limp and also collapsed. The condition of diabetes requires insulin injections every day. This is the condition of diabetes is the most common, many adults even attacked the House of elders.

Not only is it just this diabetes too much caused by genetic factors. About 90 percent of the adults or older people who have diabetes is diabetes type two. Diabetes is caused by a reaction of the body is not able to undertake response to the insulin produced by the pancreas. Other causes of diabetes this is the body that excess sugar levels in the blood and is inactive so that blood sugar levels will accumulate in the body. Diabetes is also caused by obesity. Aka fat people have a lot of fat in the body so that your blood sugar is not able to dissolve together with the blood flow because it covered with fat.

3. Diabetes Gestational
In this type of diabetes condition similar to type 2 diabetes but this type of diabetes often occurs in women who are pregnant. Diabetic pregnant at the time called the CARB intolerance. The cause is hormonal changes while pregnant and also lack insulin while pregnant. In General, normal blood sugar levels can occur when the impending birth.
Type and Characteristics of the Disease Diabetes
But there are also the remains of pregnant women experience diabetes even though it has spawned. Pregnant women are still experiencing diabetes when giving birth likely she will have diabetes type two in the next life.

Basically to do prevention, compulsory for pregnant women check sugar levels and find out if they are exposed to risk factors for diabetes.

4. Diabetes Insipidus
Another type of diabetes is diabetes insipidus. This is the type of diabetes rarely happens. Diabetes insipidus is a disorder that occurs in the body is the result of a hormone called antidiuretic. A deficiency of this hormone will cause excessive thirst. So if there is excessive thirst can feel so it is a symptom of diabetes. Not only excessive thirst, but the excessive urinary drain is also a sign of diabetes. So if you are a frequent urination or frequent urination at night of the day could be a sign that you have diabetes. Antidiuretic hormone impaired urinary volume of water will cause a lot of hormonal tasks because it was to arrange for urinary water not too much.

A characteristic feature of type 1 Diabetes
It's good that you have not been affected by diabetes to know whatever became signs of diabetes, it is because anyone can get diabetes both have genetic factors or not. Irregular eating patterns and does not keep his diet could be the cause of the rise of diabetes. The following are the symptoms and characteristics of diabetes you need to know:

1. easy Haus
One of the signs of diabetes type one is she will be easy to feel thirsty. Haus is meant here was that he wanted to always drink that taste sweet. It was due to hormones in her body wanted a sweet drink. The thirst that will emerge and continue to aggravate the condition of diabetes.

2. Easily Fatigued
One feature of diabetes type one is she will feel fatigue even though he often does not have activity is heavy. It's because people who suffer from diabetes, she will have the sugar levels in the blood are not stable so as to make the solution of the energy in the body is not perfect.

3. Frequent urination
One of the signs of diabetes type one is she will often feel the pee. The reason is hormones diuretic in diabetics of type one also not stable so that it can not control hormone production from the existing urine in the bladder.

4. The period of Reduced muscle tone
On diabetes type, one muscle strength will be reduced. The reason for this is the muscle that was affected by reduced blood circulation in the body which becomes not smooth also dehydration. A body lacking blood volume can cause the muscle mass in the body parts being reduced.

5. Weight Down
People experiencing diabetes type one he did have an increased appetite, but his body will be skinny? why did it happen?. It is because the person experiencing diabetes suffered the breakdown of energy that is not perfect. The food that enters into the body will not be absorbed by the body. In addition, the food that goes into the body will often be issued along with urine. Things that can cause why the body of people experiencing diabetes type one will tend to decrease.

The hallmark of type 2 Diabetes
For those of you who have a genetic history, do not like exercising and obese it's good you understand whatever be the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. It is because type 2 diabetes is a common disease of diabetes and a lot of attacking people. Unfortunately, the person that has the risk of often ignoring factor signals the body that indicates that his body was not good and could be a signal that is a hallmark of diabetes. Therefore, recognizing the body properly can help you figure out a wide range of symptoms of diabetes. The following are the characteristics and symptoms of type 2 diabetes should know:

1. Increasing the amount of Urine
The first is a hallmark of diabetes urine will increase. Normal urine actually has a volume of 1.5 liters to 2.5 liters per day but for the person who has diabetes will have a volume of more than 2.5 liters of urine per day. If you experience such a thing you should have to saw a doctor.

2. Breath Smells
People experiencing diabetes will have breath that smells. It is because the person experiencing diabetes will experience dehydration so that he will have a constant thirst. If that is the case then the esophagus will dry fast. When dry, throat esophagus will have a pungent odor so breath, speaking time will be the stench.

3. Achy
The hallmark of the people affected by type 2 diabetes is he'll experience a weariness. The weariness that was the reaction of the muscle mass or muscle strength is reduced. Muscle time was reduced due to dehydration which had befallen him.

4. Sensitive
Believe it or not, the disease can also make a person's psychic conditions be disturbed. People affected by type 2 diabetes she would be more sensitive to the surrounding atmosphere. When blood sugar rises he will feel offended by the words of others although according to others the word is mediocre.

5. Sluggish and limp
People affected by type 2 diabetes she would often feel sluggish and lethargic. It was a result of dehydration that is experienced by the person who has diabetes. People experiencing diabetes will be exposed to dehydration a result he issued plenty of fluids every day, the dehydration that makes blood flow and oxygen flow is not smoothly throughout the body. The flow of oxygen and blood to the less that will make the body become less excited, weary, and also a weakness.

6. Blurred vision
The neurological eye will also be disturbed because the liquid blood and oxygen to the brain are lacking. If a nerve center of the disturbed so nervous that exist underneath or centered on the brain may experience interference. One of the disorders that occur is vision problems. People affected by diabetes he would have blurred eyesight like minus the eyes of the people who suffered.

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