Type and Characteristics of the Disease Diabetes Part 2

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7. High blood pressure
People affected by diabetes will have a distinctive form of blood pressure becomes high. The less blood flow will make the body attempted to increase the pressure, and so the blood can flow throughout the body. Increased blood pressure would cause the person is experiencing high blood pain.

8. Heart palpitations
Wrong saw traits of people affected by diabetes are heart will always feel the pounding. The reason is that blood flow is reduced and oxygen is reduced will make the heart work harder to pump blood throughout the body. If this occurs continuously, decreased cardiac function else will happen. So it's not surprising if the person has diabetes she will experience a wide range of complications, for example, are cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and kidney disease also.

9. A headache
People affected by type 2 diabetes will often complain of head pain. Headaches suffered by diabetics is caused by the flow of oxygen to the brain a bit so that the flow of blood to the brain becomes not smooth. So that people affected by diabetes will be easily affected by headaches.

10. easy Sleepy
People a sleepy even though it has easy sleeping for 8 hours every night could be indicating himself exposed to diabetes. People affected by diabetes will experience easy sleepy because solving the energy in the body is not perfect. It could cause people who are diabetes would be easy sleepy whether it's morning, noon or night. If you experience drowsiness could easily so you are being affected by diabetes.

11. Frequent Tingling
People affected by type 2 diabetes this is it will be easy to feel the tingling, especially at the joints. People affected by diabetes, he will easily feel the tingling in his hands and also in the part of the foot. It is because the blood circulation that does not smoothly throughout the body makes the joints will feel tingling. Tingling that often happens though length varies.

12. Bodies Like Impaled Needles
If you ever feel body parts such as the needle pierced suddenly could be the signal that was given by the body that the symptoms of diabetes are in your body. When you are silent, you feel part of the neck like a punctured needle then disappeared. Although briefly piercing it hurt. Body like a needle has pierced the presence of abnormalities in a part of the muscles of the entire body.

13. Certain parts of the body Feel the heat
If you feel a part of the neck, part of the stomach, part of the hand feel the heat and then disappear at a later date could again feel the heat so you are affected by diabetes. Increased body temperature suddenly could be a sign that you're experiencing the symptoms of diabetes.

14. Easy Dry Mouth
When you are affected by diabetes, your mouth will be easy once dry. The taste is dry it is caused by dehydration that occurs in people affected by diabetes. Although you dampen with saliva, not until one minute your mouth will dry again.
Type and Characteristics of the Disease Diabetes
The Hallmark Of Diabetes Gestational
Gestational diabetes is diabetes that often arises during pregnancy. People who are pregnant should heed the sign or hallmark of the body affected by the symptoms of diabetes. Indeed while pregnant young blood sugar levels will increase dramatically but while pregnant and gave birth to the impending sugar levels will be normal again.

The following are features of diabetic gestational which need to be controlled for pregnant women:
1. Numbness
Pregnant women who are experiencing diabetes gestational is she will experience numbness, especially at the joints. For example, is part of the hand, the foot and other parts that are experiencing it. Numb it was originally just a tingling yet numb gradually caused the members of the body could not feel the stimuli received for example is the stimulation of the pinch and much more.

2. Insomnia
People who are pregnant and experiencing diabetes she will experience difficulty sleeping because he would often urinate when the evening not only the sense of discomfort on his body also make insomnia becomes pregnant. Hard to sleep it causes sleep for pregnant women to be not qualified when a quality sleep is required to maintain fitness and health of the mother and the fetus also are in their subjects.

3. Fast Emotion
Pregnant young mother will probably quickly emotions due to hormonal changes in the body. But if pregnant women in the second trimester are often experiencing the emotions of the pregnant women could be exposed to diabetes. The fast emotion it is also the effect of lack of sleep quality in pregnant women. So the mother will be easy when the grumpy morning.

4. Gum Problems
People experiencing diabetes while pregnant often experience problems your gums. The problem is that for example, gum swelling, bleeding gums and much more. Gum problems that will be lost when giving birth.

5. A large number of yeast infections
Mothers who experience yeast infections at the time of pregnancy can be a sign that the mother suffered diabetes. Diabetes can affect the body's immune system of pregnant women. So when pregnant mothers who are pregnant are prone to attack diseases that come from outside the body. Not only is it just a weak immune system, but it can also make many kinds of bacteria, fungi and germs can easily fit into the body of pregnant women.

The increasing number of fungi, bacteria, and germs that enter the body makes the immune system unable to deflect it. So that pregnant women will be easily affected by diseases, not only is it just a fungus that makes pregnant women vulnerable to getting infected. Pregnant women affected by diabetes will experience a pathological cause of vaginal discharge vaginal discharge so that it should be known for sure whether due to diabetes or fungus nondiabetic.

6. Experience a wide range of skin problems
One of the signs to look out for that are the hallmark of diabetes gestational is a skin problem that often occurs during pregnancy. A skin problem that occurs in pregnant women don't just suspect as hormones alone but there are symptoms of diabetes behind it all. For example, is the problem of dry skin, skin feels itchy skin, often experiencing abnormal scales and skin irritations can easily become one feature or any trace of the disease diabetes.

7. Excessive Fetal Weight
One sign of expectant mothers who suffered diabetes is a fetus in the womb are experiencing overweight. The baby's weight is said to be excessive if the weight of babies weighs more than 4 kg. Diabetes and obesity are also owned by pregnant women will have an effect on the fetus in the womb so mothers who have diabetes and the obesity will have a fetus that big anyway.

8. Continuous nausea and vomiting
Expectant mothers who have experienced gestational diabetes will experience nausea and vomiting every day. Need to be suspected if a pregnant mother is experiencing nausea and vomiting until the second trimester to sustainable could be expectant mothers had diabetes.

Characteristics Of Diabetes Insipidus
Who should be the next suspect was the hallmark of diabetes insipidus. Although diabetes is rare it's good we know whatever became the hallmark of diabetes insipidus. The following are the hallmark of the disease diabetes insipidus should be particularly aware of:

1. Colorful Cloudy Urine
One feature of the disease diabetes insipidus this artistic colored water is turbid. The turbid urine that is a sign that in the body there is a buildup of excess glucose. It was also in the glucose in the blood of humans causing watercolor art to become turbid.

2. Urine Dikerubuti Ant
Another characteristic of diabetes insipidus is urine that is surrounded by ants. Diabetes insipidus can cause ants to swallow urine because in urine it contains a lot of glucose while glucose has a sweet taste. So the urine containing glucose was once removed from the body will be fishing for ants to him. If this happens to you can so you are experiencing diabetes insipidus.

3. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
Characteristics of people affected by diabetes insipidus are she will experience nausea, vomiting diarrhea even. The reason is that people have a bad immune system so that the bacteria, germs, and disease will easily fit into the patient's body. So the bacteria and germs that would cause all sorts of intestinal problems.

The Hallmark Of Diabetes Based On Nature
Diabetes not only look but its kind of diabetes is also distinguished from nature. The nature of diabetes that differentiates between sufferers with other sufferers. Here is the nature of diabetes should know:

1. Diabetes Dry
The nature of diabetes is first dried. Many people do not know what is diabetes. Many sufferers do not know that he had diabetes so that treatment is carried out too late. It is indeed difficult to dry recognized diabetes compared with diabetes. The reason is the special feature of having wet diabetes compared with typical dry. The following is a characteristic of people affected by diabetes to dry:
  • body thin and dry. When you find yourself suddenly become thin and dry can so you have diabetes. Never assume that you are skinny dry due to lack of nutrition. Skinny body is dry it is caused by the body always dehydrated causing skin problems.
  • the wound does not heal faster. People affected by diabetes is dry he'll have injuries that failed to heal. The difference is though not healed that wound will not experience decay as experienced by diabetics.
2. Diabetes Wet
Diabetes wet will be easy to spot diabetes compared to dry. The reason is that diabetes has its own characteristic wet so it is easy to identify. Wet diabetes traits are:
  • Wounds fester. If diabetes is wet she would have an easy foul sore so that people with diabetes should avoid as much as possible wet wounds. The wound will still be wet and difficult to dry up within a close due to high glucose levels.
  • infection. Heavier again is diabetes wet will be easily exposed to infection. The infection could be letting cuts increasingly widespread and foul-smelling because of many germs and bacteria in the wound. So the abscess will easily arise in people who experience diabetic wound wet.
Read : Type and Characteristics of the Disease Diabetes Part 1

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