How to Quick and Correct the Mayo Diet : Lose Weight Naturally

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How to Quick and Correct the Mayo Diet : Lose Weight Naturally. The food menu is well balanced between protein, fruits, vegetables, and a variety of other components is a constituent of the diet menu mayo. Just as much as the traditional way of losing weight (conventional) and other diet programs, settings menus and diet plays an important role in the success of this mayo diet program. Despite that diet has a little mayo difference settings menu the food than any other diet program that became the hallmark of this diet program of its own.
How to Quick and Correct the Mayo Diet : Lose Weight Naturally
One of the characteristics in the mayo diet is that you are prohibited from consuming foods that contain salt. Salt is the main diet of abstinence in the running of mayo. You can consume any food, provided healthy and does not contain salt. No need to withstand hunger and fasting continually as the loose weight diet way OCD. You can simply reduce your consumption of carbohydrates in doing this diet.

Mayo diet is a diet method that was first introduced by, a well-known health portal origins of the United States that has stood more than 15 years. This diet program has been tested in a variety of research and study. In addition to reducing weight by avoiding the consumption of salt, there is another important rule in this diet, that is, abstinence for consuming the ice or ice water. In addition, try to consume at least eight glasses of water a day.

The correct Diet methods and fast
Mayo diet menu should be consumed and carried out during the day without 13-14 is exceeded. And if in 2 weeks that you failed 1 day only, you've considered diet fails to make mayo. This diet program is proven and already many tested were able to lose excess body weight from 7 to 8 pounds in a short enough period of time. For the past 2 weeks that you are being sued for taking absolutely no salt. Then how is the actual work of popular diet recipe from is this?

More or less like this, in this diet program, You recommended that consumes more water or mineral water. At least 8 glasses of water per day must be entered into your body. The abundance of water serves as a means of removing the salts in the body. So when you go on a diet Central, which lasted for 13 days, a salt that is in the body will be expelled through urine and feces as well. Well, at that time the body will not get salt intake which triggered an increase in the volume of water in the body, because this water becomes some causes of excess body weight.

Thus along with reduced salt content in the body, your body weight will slowly diminish. Wouldn't it be strange if have to drink plenty of water while the water itself makes the weight going up? No! Because the water will not be covered if the salts in the body have been lost or minimized. You can go back to drinking water in quantities normal again after finished this mayo diet.

Research has proven that the weight of a person who runs a diet menu diet with mayo which could actually be down quite a lot. In addition, the chemical conditions in the body become better than before. This diet is rated as one of the methods of the diet quickly. Mayo diet itself recommended that done by someone who wants to lose weight the body at least as much as once a year.

After knowing the essence and the workings of the mayo diet, then how about a real example settings menu?

Mayo Diet Menu list right to consume

When performing the correct diet methods and healthy are advised to consume drinks or food that is not too cold. In addition, if you eat meat, you should also be able to set the amount of meat you consume. To be safe, more recommend that you consume meat with corn oil or Danish butter. And remember, do not use salt when you cook or cultivate the foods that you consume during runs the mayo diet.

Mayo diet menu is a balanced meal including vegetables and fruits. But you once again reminded not to cook the vegetables or mixing fruit with salt or salty substances etc. For his last menu, you can try cooking up a bundle of spinach and cooked without salt in the not too long. In addition, you can also add raw lettuce to each meal you consume during your run how to correct and healthy diet.

To its schedule, you must also set the schedule of food consumption during diet program mayo for 13 days. When necessary in order to correct the mayo diet menu you can apply until 13 days expires, you can create a list on a sheet of paper or on your mobile phone. Well, for more details here we give an example of a diet menu schedule right mayo for 13 days.

Morning Menu
  • Day 1 and 8: a cup of sweet coffee/tea + 1 Spoon sugar
  • Day 2 and 9: a cup of sweet coffee/tea + 1 Spoon sugar
  • Day 3 and 10: a cup of sweet coffee/tea + 1 Spoon sugar
  • Day 4 and 11: a cup of sweet coffee/tea + 1 spoon of granulated sugar + serotonin toast
  • Day 5 and 12: a large raw carrot shredded and sprinkled with orange citrus
  • Day 6 and 11: a cup of sweet coffee/tea + 1 spoon of granulated sugar + serotonin toast
  • Day 7: a cup of coffee/tea without sugar
Daytime Menu
  • Day 1 and 8:2 boiled eggs + 1 bunch spinach + 1 fruit of tomato
  • Day 2 and 9:1.5 ounce steak FRY/boil + lettuce + 1 fresh fruit
  • Day 3 and 10:2 boiled eggs + 1 bunch spinach + tomato + 1 fresh fruit
  • Day 4 and 11:1 boiled eggs + 1 carrot boiled briefly + cheese trim 20gr
  • Day 5 and 12:2.5 ounces of steamed chicken plus a little butter sauce that is not salty
  • Days 6 and 13:2.5 ounces of steamed chicken + salad with orange citrus
  • Day 7:1.5 ounces of steak fries + 1 fresh fruit
Evening Menu
  • Day 1 and 8:1.5 ounces of steak FRY/boil + lettuce with orange citrus
  • Day 2 and 9:2.5 ounces of steamed chicken + 1 banana
  • Day 3 and 10:2.5 ounces of steamed chicken + salad with orange citrus
  • Day 4 and 11: one full bowl of papaya with orange citrus + 1 cup low-fat milk
  • Day 5 and 12:2.5 ounces of steak FRY/boil + lettuce + bunch of spinach
  • Days 6 and 13:2 boiled eggs + large raw grated carrots with citrus
  • Day 7:2 boiled eggs + 2 banana
That last is one example of a diet menu list mayo is right and you have to do without is exceeded during 13 full days.

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