Beware Of A Heart Attack: 6 of a heart attack Symptoms you should know

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Symptoms of heart attack. Imagine this: someone who looks fresh fit is walking in the Park. Suddenly he was limping while holding his left part of the chest. What happened? We will easily have guessed it as a heart attack. But it mostly only happens on television or film. In real life, were not always like that. A heart attack can indeed come without warning. However, there is generally some of the symptoms that we can recognize.

"Most patients have symptoms of a heart attack. But sometimes, people ignore them or thought as other diseases, "said James Park, M.D., FACC, Director of the Heart and Vascular Program at Texas Health Dallas. Symptoms can prevent us from heart attacks before they occur and could have saved our lives. The following six symptoms of a heart attack and what to do if you experience it.

1. physically Tired
symptoms of heart attack
Experiencing extreme physical exhaustion is one of the symptoms of a heart attack for women. Although no studies that say it also happens there is male. When you feel fatigue while undergoing the usual routine is done every day, or are not capable of running a variety of tasks at once, you must start the alert.

Robert Segal, M.D., FAAC, co-founder of Manhattan Cardiology said, feeling very tired beyond habit is weak signals, i.e. the left ventricle of the heart muscle that pumps blood from the heart to function throughout the body. If the ventricles quit working, the heart can't pump up to its full potential. This is what cause heart attacks.
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And if the Vventrikel left not pumping as strongly as it should, the heart of us might not be able to circulate enough blood to the whole body well. What happened? Fatigue. Even after we sleep. Because our network is not getting enough fresh blood and filled with oxygen.

2. erectile Disorders
symptoms of heart attack 02
Erection occurs when blood flow to the penis, thus making it a tense and harden. But, if the blood vessels are damaged, then the blood flow will be less. That means erectile disorders will occur when a man horny. This is the main cause of the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

The problem is, if the blood vessels in the part that is broken, there's a possible thing serum occur in blood vessels near the heart. The biggest cause of damage to the blood vessels in the formation of plaque. Dr. Segal said, if it happens at the blood vessels in the heart, then it can result in a heart attack. If the erectile disorders occur one time may not be the thing that needs to be feared. It could be due to stress or fatigue. But if it happens repeatedly, it could be a signal for something more serious.

3. Leg Cramps or hip Street
symptoms of heart attack 03
Cramps or spasms in calves we that extends to the thighs and hips could be a signal of something serious. These signals from peripheral artery disease, Constrict arteries which can limit blood flow to the limbs, abdomen, and head. Any discomfort that comes from reduced blood flow through the legs.

"Says most patients cannot walk a distance of normal but in the absence of symptoms. They have to break before running back, "said Dr. Park. The Mayo Clinic says, a peripheral artery disease the same as coronary artery disease, where the plaque is formed around the major blood vessels in the heart. So the plaque leads to constriction of the blood vessels in the body and can occur also on heart vessels.

4. Problems with snoring
symptoms of heart attack 04
Loud snoring, gasping for air while waking up looking for air, or feel tired during sleep can be the signal sleep apnea, a sleeping sickness which occurs due to the breathing has stopped for a moment.
If it is not treated seriously, then it could increase the risk of heart attacks. Dr. Segal explains cessation of breathing can make the body stress and improve blood pressure. Cause irregular heart rate and increasing the risk of a heart attack.

5. Pain in the stomach
symptoms of heart attack 05
Sometimes nausea, digestive problems or taste like saltpeter which failed to signal interruption could be lost on the stomach. But, this can also be a signal of a problem in the heart. "The existence of a system that sometimes becomes confusing signals of confusion that occurs in our body's"Dr.

Nerves in the gastrointestinal or digestive system related to the nerves in the heart. As a result, problems that occur in the heart could be defined as discomfort in the abdomen. But, there are signs that the pain in the abdomen is something serious. Usually, nausea due to the potential heart attacks will become more severe during physical movement and suddenly awakened from a break.

6. Taste the excess anxiety
symptoms of heart attack 06
Discovery says that people experiencing anxiety disorders experience easier blood flow to the heart than those who did not experience anxiety. Dr. Segal said we should pay attention to the more reserved relationship anxiety and risk of heart attack.

Because there is also anxiety symptoms be a symptom of a heart attack. Such as chest pain, pounding heart and constricts the breath. What if this happens when we are not in a State of stress. "It potentially mask the heart problems in some patients and making diagnoses and treatment be delayed, " said Dr. Segal.

Anxiety can give you the extra strain on the heart. Because, these feelings of anxiety caused blood vessels to constrict and increases the heart rate, which can be a precursor to a heart attack. "
What to do if you have symptoms of it?

Despite the hazards, the above symptoms do not always mean the heart we are in a dangerous State. But this could indicate that these symptoms become increasingly severe. So, try lah consult your physician as early as possible. If doctors suspect the possibility of a heart attack, she would advise you to take the test ECG (electrocardiogram). A test to measure the electrical activity of the heart and indicate if there is a problem in the heart.

The doctor may also recommend an angiogram coronary can detect obstruction in arteries.
Try lah consult further if you have the classic signs of a heart attack. As the pressure in the chest, breath which narrows, dizziness, cold sweats, or discomfort in the arm, neck or jaw.

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