9 Ways Of Treating Pulmonary Pneumonia Naturally

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9 Ways Of Treating Pulmonary Pneumonia Naturally. Many people consider the disease is just pneumonia can happen to smokers. In fact, pneumonia can happen to anyone. This condition is a condition when experiencing inflammation of the lungs caused by exposure to viruses and bacteria. In medical, virus or bacterium invades the air sacs in the lungs called alveoli.
9 Ways Of Treating Pulmonary Pneumonia Naturally
9 Ways Of Treating Pulmonary Pneumonia Naturally
Why pneumonia is very important to note? The function of the alveoli is very important to the causes of why we need to observe the disease pneumonia. It serves to keep the oxygen that goes into the body enough. The allusion, he made sure the lungs get enough oxygen. What happens if the function is interrupted? No doubt the work of the lungs will not be maximum and be bad on the organ of the lung itself.

Generally, inflammatory disease of the lungs caused by an infection with bacteria called Streptococcus pneumonia shells. Inflammation usually begins from the upper respiratory tract. After that, he will go in or move to the lower respiratory tract to finally attack the alveoli.
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Types of bacteria have the form of a series of the chain. In accordance with the name of the bacteria, the word "strepto" means chain. While "cocci" itself has a meaning of the word around. Please note that the bacteria that enter into this type of not readily die or disappear due to the oxygen for example because they can survive in environments with oxygen even without oxygen.

These bacteria belong to or have 20 different types. Different types of bacteria can be classified into two major groups i.e. groups with which we can find easily on the surface of the body such as the skin and throat area. While in Group B are generally to be found in the digestive tract and vagina. Bacteria that enter into Group B generally do not pose a serious danger and usually happens attacked babies and children.

We also need to know some of the risks the disease pneumonia. People with living habits or particular health history could have been at risk of experiencing disease pneumonia. Not only that, but people with the following characters are also at risk of dry lung disease affected anyone who is at risk of experiencing this pneumonia?

1. active as well as passive Smokers
The content of hazardous chemical substances in a smoking is very bad for a person. Not only, people who smoke, but passive smokers are also at risk of having problems in the lungs. Exposure to smoke will make someone's lungs being damaged.

2. Too often consumes alcohol drinks
An alcoholic drink that goes into the body tends to damage the body's metabolism system. This makes a person very susceptible to exposure to the virus or bacteria cause pneumonia.

3. Have a history of lung disease
There are several types of lung disease such as emphysema or Fleck has a history associated with the respiratory system. It also makes someone susceptible to pneumonia.

4. Have an inflammatory disease of the kidney
The kidneys have a function to process the toxins in the body that we can get from air pollution for example. If the kidney is not functioning properly, then instead of not maybe someone will have other diseases. Especially if the person is exposed to air pollution or close to certain viruses and bacteria.

5. a person who is aged
Why people are seniors so risky suffered pneumonia? Viruses and bacteria very easily enter the body of people who have a weak immune system. Similarly in people who are already aged and generally occur in people 65 years of age or older.

6. There is a family that has a history of pneumonia
This disease goes into a type of disease that is caused due to hereditary factors. Then, if there are relatives or families affected by pneumonia, it's worth doing immediately prevention such as living the good life patterns.

7. Baby and kids especially new ones under the age of two years
Almost the same as the people who are already aged. Kids at this age are also susceptible to pneumonia. The immune system is not yet perfect makes them more exposed to the risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria.

8. HIV or another chronic disease
Some of the chronic diseases that many experienced people such as cancer and heart also cause risk of pneumonia. Viruses and bacteria are easy entry make people affected by chronic diseases that are experiencing lung problems which are more serious

Various risk factors of pneumonia which pretty much makes the number of its victims also can not say little. From the data reported by the World Health Organization or the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, as many as 1.1 million cases of pneumonia that resulted in death. Not just in adults only, children are also at risk of experiencing this condition. While according to the Ministry of health, as many as 24% of the cases of deaths of children caused by the illness of pneumonia.

Then it is important for us to know how to treat pneumonia in the lung. Especially if it is at a certain level, the disease is chronic and categories already entered can be at risk of death. Well, we could use some natural ingredients are believed to be how to treat pneumonia. What are natural remedies?

1. Skin Mangosteen
Xanthone compounds containing mangosteen rind which is as anti-oxidant substances. Substances of this type have efficacy to fight free radicals. Free radicals are normally contained bacteria and viruses that are at risk of entering into our body. In addition, the content of these substances could serve as a substance that can ward off viruses, inflammation in the body, the bacteria, plasmodial and can improve the immune system.

Types of natural substances that are present in the skin of the mangosteen are would overcome many diseases caused by inflammation include pneumonia including a disease so cause pleuritis. With the help of Xanthone substances, organs inflamed lungs can function as normal as readily.

2. Soursop Leaf
We can use soursop leaves as a natural remedy to treat pneumonia. In this plant, there is a wide variety of substances essential to overcome pneumonia-like fructose, proteins, fats, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, and phosphorus. In addition, soursop leaves also contain compounds that can fight bacteria like acetogenin compounds, tannins, principal and phytosterols. The entire contents in soursop leave very good to address the inflammation.

3. Leaves sambiloto
This herbal plant also contains substances that can ward off the body of inflammation. Tannin compounds in leaves of sambiloto very good to protect the body from bacteria. The nature of anti-inflammatory is very good for the body especially the lungs to keep in order not to be inflammatory.
In addition, there is also a mustilago compound if it meets with water, will form a viscous fluid. This serves to protect the organs from the irritation and inflammation. So, we can use the leaf sambiloto as one of traditional medicine as a way to treat pneumonia.

Not only a wide range of natural medicines on top of it, but we can also see the doctor by taking a variety of anti-inflammatory medication or antibiotics that Act destroy or reduce exposure to viruses and bacteria in the lungs so that pneumonia does not occur.

In addition to the variety of ways to treat it, we also need to prevent or reduce the risk of pneumonia. Of course the much needed healthy life pattern of this. Do not let the result of bad life makes us even at risk of experiencing inflammation of the lungs.

Here's how to prevent pneumonia we can do:
1. Regular exercise and regulating our daily activity
A sport that regularly needs to be balanced with adequate rest. Subtract the habit of staying up to let alone do the habit like smoking or consuming alcohol. Healthy living patterns such as this will help the body more robust so that it is not susceptible to bacteria.

2. Apply the eating patterns also healthy
Many people, especially in urban areas is not looking at the intake of its nutrition value. They tend to eat fatty foods or fast food is bad for health. Whereas it is important for us to be inadequate intake of healthy foods and obtained from various kinds of vegetables and fruit. Anti-oxidants and vitamins in vegetables and fruits very well keeping the body in order to keep fit.

3. wash hands Diligently
One of the good habits that are often missed is the keep clean themselves. The transfer of viruses and bacteria are very likely to happen if we don't keep yourself. Hand washing may be the way to prevent and avoid the transfer of germs from one person to another. Especially if near us there are sick, avoid contagion can be done by means of hand washing. The way this is also done to prevent various diseases are serious because it could be the thing that causes the infectious TUBERCULOSIS in children

4. cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing
A disease caused by virus and bacteria especially in the respiratory tract is very easy to move through the air. So we're the flu, coughing or sneezing, it's good to keep ourselves by closing the mouth. Or when it was outdoors, we can keep ourselves by using the mask. This is a great way to protect yourself from exposure to viruses and bacteria are all around us.

5. Dispose of tissue that is already used in the garbage
When discarding mucus or when coughing, we usually use a Kleenex. However, the tissue should not play in an arbitrary place. The rest of the mucus or coughs we get exposed by air and can easily move to other people.

6. Immediately checked me if already having symptoms
Respiratory tract infected will cause a variety of symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath. So that's good experience symptoms we directly checked me so that the condition is not getting worse and can transmit it to others.

9 Ways Of Treating Pulmonary Pneumonia Naturally. It is a variety of ways to treat pneumonia as well as how to prevent it. Wherever possible we keep ourselves from being exposed to the viruses and bacteria that cause serious diseases like pneumonia. Especially if we already have common symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, decreased appetite or pain occurred. We are at risk like smokers and had a bad life pattern should be aware of as well as do a range of prevention.

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