How To Remove Acne Scars

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How To Remove Acne Scars. Removing acne scars may be more difficult than tackling acne itself. You will be faced with a selection of the method of handling. For example, wear a mask or face cream. However it turns out, a lot of other options also range that you can do to get rid of acne scars are blackened it.
How To Remove Acne Scars
A growing beauty world has generated a lot of research, products, and procedures advanced in addressing the disturbing appearance of acne scars. For optimum results, try to find out which one is the best fit for you!
How to shrink facial pores naturally and permanently
Natural masks for removing acne scars
Acne scars are indeed annoying. It makes your appearance so less attractive. Moreover, if the acne that previously appeared badly enough, a lot and leaves the stubborn scars.

One handling that you can do is face masks. Simple ingredients at home you can make masks for removing acne scars naturally. Ingredients such as cucumber, lemon, milk, turmeric can be fresh to face masks.

Here are the details:
1. Cucumber
Cucumber mask contains vitamin A and potassium is good for the skin. Peel and cut the cucumbers thinly. Paste amply cut directly on the parts of your face for about 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water afterward.

2. Milk
Prepare the milk full cream as much as 1 teaspoon. Use a cotton swab to put milk on the face that needs it.

Pijatlah for 3-5 minutes with a circular motion so that the impurities are lifted from the pores. Afterward, rinse your face with cool water and pat dry with a cloth made from slowly gently.

The lactic acid in milk helps lift the dead skin cells from the lump sum to avoid flattening to avoid color, so disguising acne scars or blemishes on the skin.

3. Lemon
Lemons contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which is also widely used in facial creams. These substances can help brighten skin tone.

To get the benefits, combine lemon juice with water. Then DAB on the former jer your pimples. As much as possible, keep so that water droplets are not about the healthy skin around it.

Bilaslah your face after 15-25 minutes. Don't forget to apply Moisturiser afterward!

4. Turmeric
Turmeric is known as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory nature. This plant can help you cure acne while removing the mark from your face.

You can use turmeric powder on the former your pimples. Mix the powder with water or lemon juice. Apply on the skin's surface with the help of cotton, then let sit for 15 minutes. Next rinse faces up to clean with cold water.

5. Honey
Honey is known to have various benefits related to skin health. One of its functions is to fade acne scars. In addition, honey has an antibacterial effect which is also useful to prevent acne comes back.

These natural substances can accelerate the healing process of wounds and reduce the effects of the formation of scar tissue on the skin.

Apply the honey natural facial skin with acne scars. Allow a few moments, this procedure can you do every night for optimal results.

The benefits of the natural mask are very diverse. Starting from gives the sensation of a cool and soothing on the face to help the skin look brighter and smoother.

The use of a face mask particularly helps eliminate acne scars that are not too deep and severe. Its use needs to be done on a regular basis and will take at least a few weeks to fade acne scars.

Need to understand the use of the natural mask is not without side effects. Excessive use can irritate the skin. For example, the use of lemon mask too long can make your skin dry.

Natural ingredients for Fades acne scars

Not only was used as a mask, you can apply some natural ingredients on upon you. The following is an example of a natural material that has been widely researched and linked to improved to reduce acne and acne scars:

1. Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is believed to have the effect of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which can be utilized to get smooth skin acne free. These natural ingredients are the very powerful effect on the skin, for it needs to be diluted by comparison 1 mL tea tree oil with 9 mL of water before it was applied to the skin.

The good news, compared with 5% benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil or tea tree oil can improve the condition of the skin breakouts without increasing the incidence of side effects such as dry skin, inflammation, and redness.
However, it should be made into notes, the treatment the skin full of acne scars with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, of course, takes more time compared to drugs such as 5% benzoyl peroxide.

2. Aloe Vera Gel
Like honey, Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient that is often considered to fade acne scars. And indeed, according to a study, Aloe Vera can help blackish color fades or redness on the skin.

You can find a wide range of processed products from natural ingredients on this one, or try the Aloe Vera leaf, cut and apply the gel in it directly on to avoid.

3. Black Cumin Oil
Black cumin, which is also known as Nigella sativa turns can be used to drive the acne scars from your face. The plant has antibacterial, antiviral properties, as well as anti-inflammatory.

Herbal oil is also believed to speed up the healing process and the network that the former was wounded on the skin. This oil can reduce hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin color) acne scars altogether inhibits the formation of new pimples.

Removing acne scars in record time
Acne scars are hard to be eliminated in a short time. Generally, it takes a long time until acne scars completely disappear. So what if you like acne scars immediately disappear quickly?

1. Face Cream
Some people choose to use facial creams to get rid of acne scars faster.
You can use facial creams containing a combination of salicylic acid, topical hydroquinone, and tretinoin topical to brighten the dark acne scars. Other ingredients in face creams, namely vitamin C, and kojic acid are also advised to deal with acne scars are blackened.

Face cream can be obtained from a doctor. Some can be purchased without a prescription. In this way, it is considered easier and faster compared to a natural mask.

Though faster, its use should still be done regularly for some time. Always make sure the materials contained on the face cream is safe to use.

Some people may also experience side effects such as itching, skin irritation, even reliance on the wearing of face cream for a prolonged period of time. In addition, you are also combining natural mask with use of face cream in the treatment of avoid.

2. Procedure of Dermabrasion
It's not just a face cream can be a quick fix in the handling of stubborn acne scars. Dermabrasion procedure is one of the other options for you.

The process of dermabrasion done with a scrape or abrasive the top layer of skin with the use of special tools. Such treatments are aimed at reducing a small scar, former operations, until acne scars.

Having lived through it, you may need the time a 1-2 week to recover the face skin redness due to dermabrasion. The doctor may give certain medications during healing. To avoid will be more smooth and refreshed after a period of recuperation is running perfectly, which is about 3 months old.

3. Chemical peels
This type of care aims to shut down dead skin cells which cover the areas of facial skin healthy. There are three types of chemical peels that are lightweight (superficial peels), moderate (medium peels), and in (deep peels).

The procedure of chemical peels are done with applying a chemical solution is acidic on the face have acne scars. The chemical solution will cause the skin to exfoliate and replaced with new skin is smoother, without wrinkles, and more healthy.

4. Laser procedures
Same as dermabrasion or chemical peels, laser procedures are performed for the sake of getting a free skin acne scars. The outermost layers of the skin full of acne scars will be eliminated with the help of a high-power laser beam.

Compared to the previous two procedures, laser healing time has the shortest i.e. 3-10 days. However, if you still have active acne are red and poking, this procedure is not an option recommended by the doctor.

Which is better, Natural Mask or face cream?
Not only has various types of acne, it turns out that there are various types of acne scars. Starting from the former that only the darker-colored, bumpy scars, acne scars up to and form the hole. The selection of the treatment will depend on the type of acne scars that you have.

There is no one treatment that is suitable for everyone. Different methods may help eliminate acne scars fast. And you need to be harder to analyze and determine which method of optimum working to avoid.

Most handling will eliminate acne scars are slowly. Acne scars are also very difficult to be eliminated only with natural masks or face cream.

The best step in dealing with acne scars is soon signed on as early as possible. Handle since acne just will appear. In addition, knowing the types of acne scars will help you determine the most suitable way to implement.

Make sure you use in any way, either by natural face cream or mask, has been in accordance with the advice of, not excessive, and their use is too long. You can also consult a doctor about the problem of acne scars that are stubborn and never lost.

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