9 first aid On a true Fever

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9 first aid On a true Fever. Fever can occur in anyone, adults, and children. Causes of fever in children up and down this can be varied, ranging from colds, cough allergies in children, or other respiratory infections, and a variety of infectious diseases. So, is the mechanism the body against foreign substances that went into it. Getting the infection to persist, then the fever will be increasingly long and high is felt. People who reached body temperature a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or more. Can reach 40 degrees Celsius. When the night temperature may increase even more because it basically has indeed increased body temperature at night, especially when sleeping.
first aid On a true Fever
Fever is a condition that is often experienced by children, especially those children who are still aged toddlers. Because toddlers are still vulnerable to various diseases. Of course, as a mother who considers children's health as a priority are sometimes a bit worried. Moreover, this fever often occurs. First aid On a true Fever. Why is this so? Because fever is not a disease. But it is the body's mechanism in the fight against the disease.

Fever is not harmful as long as it doesn't make the sufferer experiencing signs of infant dehydration, decreased consciousness, or seizures fevers in children. And this is a condition that does not require special medical care. When the mother of a toddler who had a fever, can be overcome easily by way of first aid in the child's fever. Mother or father or the parents just enough to know the cause of the fever, so that alleviated her fever but not the cause. So, indirectly giving baby antibiotics for hazards or other drugs without a doctor's prescription.

First Aid On A Child's Fever

1. Identify the symptoms and causes of Fever
Generally, a fever in children is caused by a virus. Fever due to this cause that can be addressed directly with first aid without the need for antibiotics or to the doctor. The symptoms of virus-induced fever is a fever accompanied by colds and coughs. Then the fever this didn't happen long ago, where very high body temperature only on the first and second.
The fourth and fifth day could be rising, but not as high as the first day. After that, the fever will heal by itself. Overall, the viral infection can be resolved without antibiotics in about 7 days. Low-grade fever that plagued the child keeps them activity as usual.

2. Compress with warm water
When the child is fever should are compressed using warm water. Met with warm water, the body temperature will adjust to fighting it and cools. Warm water also directly absorbed by the body and central nervous automatically cools the body temperature. Avoid compress fever with alcohol and cold water.

Alcohol use can be inhaled and harmful to babies and toddlers. A compress can also use plaster compresses that are currently sold. Some parents if a toddler or baby fever hugging her baby and compress with the heat emitted from the body of the parent.

3. always check the temperature of the body at regular intervals
At home always provide a thermometer for measuring body temperature, that is critical. If the body temperature is still revolved around 37 degrees Celsius less certain that a fever occurs due to a virus and not dangerous. Body temperature can be checked every 1 hour. By always checking body temperature regularly is one way of overcoming a fever in infants.

4. Drink plenty of plain water
If the body temperature is around 37 degrees celsius, mom and dad don't have to worry. The child need not be compressed much less given the drug. Simply by drinking lots of water, then the fever goes down. For a high fever, drinking water helps prevent dehydration in children who are cold.

5. Provide Antibiotic Drug Fever
The drug-lowering fever febrifuge or children can be given if the mother or parents concerned with the condition of the child's fever or a fever high enough temperatures. Paracetamol is a drug that is sold with a variety of brands and at least there are the side effects for infants and toddlers. However, the paracetamol according to the instructions provided should be fixed on the packaging or recommended by a doctor. Preferably, if the fever-lowering drugs proved ineffective, it will be very good if the child were invited to a consultation with the doctor. In addition, there are also traditional medicine-lowering the heat.

6. Adequate rest
If the child is fever, take and give sense to them to break, even sleeping. A break can help lower fever. Especially if the break accompanied febrifuge, lots of drinking, and consultation with a doctor. Diseases suffered by children would be easier in mind further.

7. Consultation with the doctor
When the steps above about first aid in child fever followed, then consultation with a doctor is the last alternative. This is done in a child experiencing a fever over 37.5 degree Celsius heat in 3 days and not go down. Consultation with a physician will also make the mother calmer and able to find the cause of the fever.

8. avoid Comforters and the thick Shirt
Some people believe, if fever and coated with a thick shirt will make the heat will come down because the effect is the same as taking the drug, namely out a sweat. Thick clothes and heat will make the body do the opposite to balance. If necessary, AIR CONDITIONING and a fan keep it lighted with medium speed. Blankets and thick clothes can be worn in a fever accompanied by chills (heat-cold).

9. The cure for Fever Seizures
If children have already suffered the spasms a fever seizure condition, i.e., when the fever is very high, then at home should already be able and know how to overcome seizures in children fever drug seizure provides entered through the rectum. If the mother has a child who has never felt the symptoms of fever and convulsions seizures, immediate consultations doctor. This is a way of overcoming a fever seizure in children and recurring symptoms that cause brain damage.

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