Symptoms and Characteristics of Breast Cancer

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Symptoms and Characteristics of Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is a type of cancer that's pretty scary for a woman, having cervical cancer. Cancer cells will grow and strike your breast tissue, for example milk, water outlet lobules (milk-producing factory), along with other supporting tissues such as fat tissue. Lifestyle, hormonal, and environmental factors is indeed the suspect as the cause of this cancer. However, not all people with similar lifestyles also have risks for developing cancer of the breast. So that still require further research.
Symptoms and Characteristics of Breast Cancer
Symptoms and Characteristics of Breast Cancer
However, there are some risk factors that lets you hit by breast cancer. For example, if you are aged 50 years or more, if you have close family or even mothers affected by ovarian cancer or breast cancer, never appeared benign lumps on the breast or had been diagnosed as affected by breast cancer. Supposedly, breast cancer is not a disease inheritance. However, there are certain genes, called BRCA1 and BRCA2, which increases the risk of someone affected by breast cancer. The gene is thought to be passed down to the next generation.

Knowing the early symptoms of breast cancer could be going to save the souls of its victims. As cancer in General, know and treat early on is the key to enlarge the opportunities of living patients.

Generally, the early symptoms of breast cancer is hard to detect. In fact, many cases of breast cancer were reported do not show symptoms at the beginning of his appearance. Therefore, anyone worth alert, one of which if the lump in this organ.

In addition to the bumps, complaint of pain may also be felt in the breast. Please note that this section is often pain in not being the first symptoms of breast cancer.

Has a risk or not, it certainly doesn't hurt to recognize the signs of breast cancer. Especially breast cancer stage 1. So if the cancer cells are growing, you are not too late to treat it. The following are characteristics of a breast cancer stage 1 you need to know.

• the appearance of lumps in the breasts
Lumps in the breasts is one sign of the emergence of early breast cancer. And these bumps are not always painful. However, not all of the bumps that appear is a lump of breast cancer. These bumps can be palpated as you do personal checks at home. Usually palpated when you are menstruating.

• your breast skin color changed
This discoloration is sometimes mistaken with the infection. In fact, if you are not sure with bumps that appear on the inside of the breast, skin discoloration might make You more alert. At this stage, the breast skin will be redness, irritation, such as occurs texture skin feels like orange peel, skin surface area affected breast cancer seems to occur, and squiggly thickening of the skin. However, on the specific type of breast cancer is fairly rare, the color change does not occur.

• Nipple pain
Characteristics of breast cancer stage 1 is with the advent of changes in the nipple is accompanied pain. In addition, characterized by abnormal fluid coming out of the nipple.

• the lump Appears on armpit
Even though it is called breast cancer, does not mean a bump in under the armpit you encounter has nothing to do with cancer. Breast tissue extends to below the armpit. That's why cancer can spread via the lymph nodes under the armpit.

• To recognize the characteristics of a breast cancer stage 1 above, try to diligently do a breast self Examination or REALIZE every month. Diligent doing ECSTASY can also help you identify the texture of your breast tissue. So if you feel there is anything unusual on the breast (not changes the texture of the breast at the time of Pre menstrual periods), you will be more aware of it.

• breast cancer did not lose them with cervical cancer. Although the causes of these cancers still requires further research, it doesn't hurt to be more vigilant against the disease. You still advisable keep diet and lead a healthy life. Rajinlah do realize. And if you feel are potentially exposed to cancer because the mother or relatives You have cancer, and you feel very worried, try to consult it to the doctor.

Breast pain is known as mastalgia. This condition can be caused by a few things below:
  • hormonal Fluctuations due to menstruation.
  • pill Consumption.
  • Are undergoing fertility treatments.
  • bra size is less fitting.
  • cysts on the breast.
  • the breasts are too large.
  • stress.
What Kind Of Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?
Check out the tits alone is an important part of maintaining the health of this organ. However, screening is the best way to find out the presence of cancer before symptoms appear.

As for the most common symptoms of this deadly disease is the appearance of a lump or mass. Mass that leads to malignancy is generally painless but distinctive hard and have irregular shapes.

But there is also a breast cancer that has a mass of new soft or rounded and may be painful. These symptoms are difficult to distinguish, so it is recommended that immediately saw a doctor.

Aside from the traits above breast cancer, the following signs and symptoms of breast cancer are likely to be different in every individual. However, some sign below General felt by sufferers:
  • There are changes in the size and shape of the breasts.
  • the emergence of pain in specific areas that are not lost.
  • prominent blood vessels on the surface of the breast.
  • liquid from the nipple Out unexpectedly.
  • Appear sick or rash on the nipple.
  • Breast swells, colored reddish, or blackish.
  • There are dimples in the skin of the breast.
  • Nipple or breast part more interested.
Occasionally, breast cancer can spread to the lymph nodes located in the armpits or around the collarbone. As a result, emerging lump or swelling in the area. In fact, it might just be a lump in the area have been there before the original tumor is present in the breast can be felt.

It's just that, swelling or the appearance of a lump in the lymph nodes can be caused by many things. Even though they are not necessarily a mammogram can find this cancer.

Therefore very important for every individual to know the symptoms of early stage breast cancer. Early examination by themselves should be done periodically in order to find out any changes that may occur on the body.

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